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Host a Presentation

Do you have connections with local groups? Could be anything from a campaigning group to a Rotary club/WI/parents group or club you’re a member of. It’s important that as many people as possible know about Community R4C and that there are healthy options for dealing with our waste that are practical and can even be invested in!

One of the team would be really happy to come and talk to your group or club, whether informally or as a scheduled event, whichever best suits. As any marketing exec knows, when someone hears about something from multiple sources, they start noticing…

If you have any ideas please contact us at

Talk about Community R4C with your friends and family.

The incinerator gets far too much attention for all the wrong reasons. Tell people about the many better ways individuals can deal with their own waste, and the R4C plant that will be operational before the fabled incinerator.

Think about how you can contribute to the circular economy, and tell others.

This web site is to become a hub for sharing ideas and solutions to reduce waste by keeping things and materials in use for longer. Until then, think about what you do with anything you’ve finished with. Ask questions of your council, other people, look around your locality, or email us. Can it be repaired? how can I sell it? who can I give it to? how can I recycle it?

Share our video far and wide, here’s the YouTube link.

Write to your local newspaper to show them that you care about this project.

Email your local councillor.

Visit WriteToThem website and enter your postcode to find out your Councillors details and send them a message.

Email your MP

Visit and enter your postcode to find out your MPs details and send them a message.