The Team

Community R4C is a registered Community Benefit Society with a Board of volunteer directors.

The Board

Tricia Watson

Background: Resource Management Analyst

Jon Scott

Background: Physicist, teacher, school governor and education technology specialist. Passionate about sustainable development and the need for clear communication of scientific and technical ideas.

Sue Oppenheimer

Background: Chair Standish Parish Council, Glosvain campaigner and community involvement specialist

Tom Jarman

Background: Selsley resident, engineer, entrepreneur and sustainable business champion in the waste-to-resources industry. Extensive funding and business building experience including a major role in the world record crowd funding for HAB Housing Limited.

Supporting Team

Adam Lewis

Role: Developer / Web team
Background: Software specialist with over 20 years experience. Passionate about sustainabilty and how we can encourage the most amount of people to do the right thing.

Andrew Turrall

Role: Technical Team
Background: Spent working life in manufacturing, the last 12 years running a successful consultancy. As a quaker, passionately believes in sustainability, truth and equality.

Caileigh McNeil

Role: Illustrator & Graphic Designer / Web team
Background: Bristol based artist with a passion for visual communication as well as the environment, Caileigh plies her trade across a range of formats from logo design to fine art painting.

Jojo Mehta

Role: Community Engagement
Background: Environmental activist and grassroots campaigner (38 Degrees Stroud, Toxin Free Network)

Robin Layfield

Role: Developer / Web team
Background: Lead developer, code cruncher & WordPress wrangler. Interested in community action & digital engagement. Confirmed Stroudie.

Sam Jarman

Role: Project Engineering Team
Background: Project Engineer with a real interest in sustainable energy provision. For his final year degree dissertation at Swansea University, Sam compared a number of waste management processes with regards to their economic and environmental impacts, including incineration and an advanced MBHT process. The results are pretty compelling!

Tom Percival

Role: Animation and video production
Background: Tom is a visual artist with fifteen years experience working across many different mediums with a keen interest in all forms of narrative. He also writes and illustrates children’s books.