Community R4C is a registered Community Benefit Society with a Board and an Advisory Panel.

The Board


Tricia Watson

Role: Executive Director
Background: Resource Management Analyst

Jon Scott

Role: Technical Team Leader
Background: Physicist, teacher, school governor and education technology specialist. Passionate about sustainable development and the need for clear communication of scientific and technical ideas.

Sue Oppenheimer

Role: Council Liaison
Background: Chair Standish Parish Council, Glosvain campaigner and community involvement specialist

Tom Jarman

Role: Co-founder
Background: Selsley resident, engineer, entrepreneur and sustainable business champion in the waste-to-resources industry. Extensive funding and business building experience including a major role in the world record crowd funding for HAB Housing Limited.
quote: “I am so proud to be part of such a positive, community-led project which will be a beacon of what can be achieved when we focus on waste as a resource. In the heart of our beautiful county we can show how long lasting social, economic and environmental benefits can be delivered – through intelligent choices and good business, backed by sound science. R4C will be a real flagship and an inspiration for all communities who care about their health and their environment.”

Advisory Panel


Jojo Mehta

Role: Community Engagement
Background: Environmental activist and grassroots campaigner (38 Degrees Stroud, Toxin Free Network)
quote: “What a joy to speak out in favour of something for once. The emergence of Community R4C has swiftly and completely changed the landscape with regard to waste processing in Gloucestershire. Respecting our countryside, our health and the true value of what we throw away, and saving millions at the same time… what’s not to like?”


Supporting Team


Adam Lewis

Role: Developer / Web team
Background: Software specialist with over 20 years experience. Passionate about sustainabilty and how we can encourage the most amount of people to do the right thing.

Andrew Turrall

Role: Technical Team
Background: Spent working life in manufacturing, the last 12 years running a successful consultancy. As a quaker, passionately believes in sustainability, truth and equality.

Caileigh McNeil

Role: Illustrator & Graphic Designer / Web team
Background: Bristol based artist with a passion for visual communication as well as the environment, Caileigh plies her trade across a range of formats from logo design to fine art painting.

Robin Layfield

Role: Developer / Web team
Background: Lead developer, code cruncher & WordPress wrangler. Interested in community action & digital engagement. Confirmed Stroudie.

Sam Jarman

Role: Project Engineering Team
Background: Project Engineer with a real interest in sustainable energy provision. For his final year degree dissertation at Swansea University, Sam compared a number of waste management processes with regards to their economic and environmental impacts, including incineration and an advanced MBHT process. The results are pretty compelling!

Tom Percival

Role: Animation and video production
Background: Tom is a visual artist with fifteen years experience working across many different mediums with a keen interest in all forms of narrative. He also writes and illustrates children’s books.