Elections 2017

County Council Elections 4th May 2017 – What do the candidates think?

We have contacted a number of candidates to ask them where they stand on the issue of the incinerator. Candidates we were able to contact were asked two questions:

“Would you agree to hold work at Javelin Park pending the CMA decision due to potential liabilities?”
“Do you support a re-evaluation of the value for money case of the incinerator contract in view of evidence that GCC could save £4.7m a year by cancelling the contract?”

Use our databases below to find out how they responded.

Why are there gaps?

We weren’t able to contact all candidates. To start with, their phone numbers aren’t published on the GCC website and had to be researched. Also, different parties were more or less organised and therefore able (or willing) to disclose phone numbers. In addition, some candidates were out when we rang and so we were not able to talk to them. There was no bias in our work. If it looks like some parties are over or under represented, this is due to the degree of their ability or willingness to help.

Help fill the gaps

If you have spoken to your local candidate or had any communications from them about the incinerator, please let us know by emailing admin@communityr4c.com

Part Lines

If there is no information for the candidates in your ward, the following general party lines may be useful.

·         LibDem – in favour of a review of the contract and costs, possibly halt build
·         Labour – in favour of a review of the contract and costs, possibly halt build
·         Greens – in favour of halting build and a review of contract seeking alternatives and less waste
·         Conservatives – no party line, ask individual candidates
·         UKIP – no party line, ask individual candidates

How to use this database

  1. If you don’t know which ward you are in, please click here and use the post code search. You will find your ward under “Your county councillor”.
  2. Once you know your ward, search below to find out who the candidates are.
  3. Click on any candidate name to see what they had to say.
WardCandidate NameParty2013 Results
WardCandidate NameParty2013 Results
Abbey Andrew Gravells Conservative
Abbey Kirsten Hodges Labour
Abbey Oliver Hartland MountJoy Liberal Democrat
All Saints and Oakley Sarah Jane Field Green Party
All Saints and Oakley Alec Gamble Labour
All Saints and Oakley Colin Hay Liberal Democrat
All Saints and Oakley Martin Andrew Tracey Conservative
Barnwood and Hucclecote David John Brown Liberal Democrat
Barnwood and Hucclecote Frances Joan Griffiths Green Party
Barnwood and Hucclecote Trevor Howard Labour
Barnwood and Hucclecote Lise Noakes Conservative
Barton and Tredworth Carol Francis Labour
Barton and Tredworth Phillip Anthony William Nash UKIP
Barton and Tredworth Sajid Patel Conservative
Barton and Tredworth Christopher Ward Liberal Democrat
Battledown and Charlton Kings Matt Babbage Conservative
Battledown and Charlton Kings Caroline Adele Gavin Labour
Battledown and Charlton Kings Lorraine Elizabeth Mason Green Party
Battledown and Charlton Kings Paul Gerard McCloskey Liberal Democrat
Benhall and Up Hatherley Mike Saunders Conservative
Benhall and Up Hatherley Kenneth Syme Labour
Benhall and Up Hatherley Adam Paul Van Coevorden Green Party
Benhall and Up Hatherley Simon Albert Wheeler Liberal Democrat
Bishop's Cleeve Robert Anthony Bird Conservative
Bishop's Cleeve Cate Cody Green Party
Bishop's Cleeve Rose Phillips Labour
Bishop's Cleeve Peter Raymond Norcross Richmond Liberal Democrat
Bisley and Painswick Alexander Findlay Liberal Democrat
Bisley and Painswick Alan Mossman Green Party
Bisley and Painswick Keith Stuart Rippington Conservative
Blakeney and Bream Richard Henry Boyles Conservative
Blakeney and Bream Derek George Couzens Liberal Democrat
Blakeney and Bream Louise Mary Elliott Green Party
Blakeney and Bream Janet Hazel Keene Labour
Blakeney and Bream Richard Nicholas Leppington UKIP
Bourton-on-the-Water and Northleach Paul Hodgkinson Liberal Democrat
Bourton-on-the-Water and Northleach Mark Gavin Edward Mackenzie-Charrington Conservative
Brockworth Graham Anthony Allen Green Party
Brockworth Sylvia Bishop UKIP
Brockworth Clare Louise Softley Liberal Democrat
Brockworth Robert John Edward Vines Conservative
Cam Valley Julie Douglass Labour
Cam Valley Brian Tipper Conservative
Cam Valley Adrian Anthony Walker-Smith Liberal Democrat
Campden-Vale Bella McMillan-Scott Liberal Democrat
Campden-Vale Robert McNeil Wilson UKIP
Campden-Vale Ailsa Spindler Green Party
Campden-Vale Lynden Oliver Stowe Conservative
Charlton Park and College Malcolm Bride Labour
Charlton Park and College Peter Frantz Vagn Christensen Conservative
Charlton Park and College Elizabeth Johnson Green Party
Charlton Park and College Klara Victoria Sudbury Liberal Democrat
Churchdown Graham John Bocking Conservative
Churchdown Colin Gordon Simpson Labour
Churchdown Jack Lawrence Williams Liberal Democrat
Cinderford Graham Leslie Morgan Labour
Cinderford Jill Raymond Green Party
Cinderford Lindsey Margaret Read Liberal Democrat
Cinderford Marc Silverthorn Conservative
Cinderford Roger Ashley Jean Wilkinson UKIP
Cirencester Beeches Christopher William Harlow UKIP
Cirencester Beeches Joy Irving Green Party
Cirencester Beeches Nigel Robbins Liberal Democrat
Cirencester Beeches Stuart Mervyn Tarr Conservative
Cirencester Park Tony Curry Conservative
Cirencester Park Joe Harris Liberal Democrat
Cirencester Park Bob Irving Green Party
Cirencester Park Terry Pomroy Labour
Cirencester Park Robert John Stephens UKIP
Coleford Carole Ann Allaway-Martin Conservative
Coleford Fiona Bowie Green Party
Coleford Martin Robert Hill UKIP
Coleford Heather Margaret Lusty Liberal Democrat
Coleford Shaun Stammers Labour
Coney Hill and Matson Gary Frederick Cleaver UKIP
Coney Hill and Matson Kate Haigh Labour & Co-operative
Coney Hill and Matson Stephen Derick John Morrison Liberal Democrat
Coney Hill and Matson Jennie Watkins (formerly Dallimore) Conservative
Drybrook and Lydbrook Andrew Edward Gardiner Independent
Drybrook and Lydbrook Terry Hale Conservative
Drybrook and Lydbrook Di Martin Labour & Co-operative
Drybrook and Lydbrook Gill Moseley Liberal Democrat
Drybrook and Lydbrook Averil Elisabeth Sumners UKIP
Dursley George William James Butcher Liberal Democrat
Dursley Steve Lydon Labour & Co-operative
Dursley Loraine Vivienne Patrick Conservative
Fairford and Lechlade on Thames Pete Bown UKIP
Fairford and Lechlade on Thames Andrew Doherty Liberal Democrat
Fairford and Lechlade on Thames Xanthe Frances Henrietta Messenger Green Party
Fairford and Lechlade on Thames Trevor Frederick Smith Labour
Fairford and Lechlade on Thames Ray Theodoulou Conservative
Grange and Kingsway David William Bebbington Liberal Democrat
Grange and Kingsway Robert Peter Brookes Green Party
Grange and Kingsway Mat McCall Labour
Grange and Kingsway Rob McCormick UKIP
Grange and Kingsway David Norman Conservative
Hardwicke and Severn Liz Ashton Labour
Hardwicke and Severn Stephen Frank Davies Conservative
Hardwicke and Severn Sue Hartley Green Party
Hardwicke and Severn Mike Stayte Liberal Democrat
Hempsted and Westgate Imogen Alice Caterer Liberal Democrat
Hempsted and Westgate Neil Hampson Labour
Hempsted and Westgate Matthew John Sidford Green Party
Hempsted and Westgate Pam Tracey MBE Conservative
Hempsted and Westgate Daniel Woolf UKIP
Hesters Way and Springbank Shaun Stephen Bailey Conservative
Hesters Way and Springbank Dale Karl Campbell Green Party
Hesters Way and Springbank Clive Robert Harriss Labour
Hesters Way and Springbank Barry George Lodge UKIP
Hesters Way and Springbank Suzanne Theresa Williams Liberal Democrat
Highnam Phil Awford Conservative
Highnam Susan Joan Billington Green Party
Highnam Stephen Robert Miller Labour
Highnam Helen S Munro Liberal Democrat
Kingsholm and Wotton Jack Fayter Labour
Kingsholm and Wotton Jeremy Eric Hilton Liberal Democrat
Kingsholm and Wotton Justin Hudson Conservative
Kingsholm and Wotton Jonathan Cecil Ingleby Green Party
Kingsholm and Wotton Edit Kovacs UKIP
Lansdown and Park Dilys Mary Juliet Barrell Liberal Democrat
Lansdown and Park Kevin Michael Boyle Labour
Lansdown and Park Tim Harman Conservative
Lansdown and Park Anne Knight-Elliott Green Party
Leckhampton and Warden Hill Timothy Cosmo Bonsor Green Party
Leckhampton and Warden Hill Iain Andrew Paterson Dobie Liberal Democrat
Leckhampton and Warden Hill Chris Nelson Conservative
Leckhampton and Warden Hill Joe Sucksmith Labour
Longlevens Christopher David Britton Green Party
Longlevens Linda S Castle Liberal Democrat
Longlevens Steve Gower Labour
Longlevens Kathy Williams Conservative
Longlevens Matt Young UKIP
Lydney Mel Farrant Labour
Lydney Alan Grant UKIP
Lydney James Greenwood Green Party
Lydney Alan Preest Conservative
Lydney Terry Tull Liberal Democrat
Minchinhampton Dorcas Lavinia Maxine Binns Conservative
Minchinhampton Rachel Smith Green Party
Mitcheldean Ian Mitchell Aitken UKIP
Mitcheldean Sue Henchley Liberal Democrat
Mitcheldean Brian Robinson Conservative
Mitcheldean Angela Sullivan Labour
Mitcheldean Poppy Turpin-West Green Party
Nailsworth Sarah Blowers Green Party
Nailsworth Robert Hansjorg Paterson Independent
Nailsworth Steve Robinson Labour
Nailsworth Colleen Angela Rothwell Liberal Democrat
Nailsworth Emma Sims Conservative
Newent David Richard Humphreys Green Party
Newent Ian Iredale King Liberal Democrat
Newent Roger Anthony Sterry Labour
Newent Alec Robert Tritton UKIP
Newent Will Windsor-Clive Conservative
Pittville and Prestbury Jerry Forrest Conservative
Pittville and Prestbury Ian Antony Lander Green Party
Pittville and Prestbury Dennis Frank Parsons Liberal Democrat
Pittville and Prestbury John Payne People Against Bureaucracy Group
Pittville and Prestbury Ian Hugh White Labour
Quedgeley John Bloxsom Labour & Co-operative
Quedgeley Scott Clacher UKIP
Quedgeley Gerald Owain Hartley Green Party
Quedgeley Mark Damian Hawthorne MBE Conservative
Quedgeley Anna Mozol Liberal Democrat
Rodborough Alex Bisset Conservative
Rodborough Philip Blomberg Green Party
Rodborough Christine Linda Headley Liberal Democrat
Rodborough Brian Oosthuysen Labour & Co-operative
Sedbury Roy Birch Liberal Democrat
Sedbury Gethyn Joffre Davies Independent
Sedbury Jake Ivor Lewis Labour
Sedbury Chris McFarling Green Party
Sedbury John Duncan William McOwan UKIP
Sedbury Patrick Christopher Molyneux Conservative
South Cerney Tatyan Cheung Liberal Democrat
South Cerney Shaun David Edward Parsons Conservative
South Cerney Margaret Rastelli UKIP
St Mark's and St Peter's Carney Charles Bonner Conservative
St Mark's and St Peter's Peter Bowman UKIP
St Mark's and St Peter's Emily Catherine Campbell Green Party
St Mark's and St Peter's Christopher Francis Coleman Liberal Democrat
St Mark's and St Peter's Robert Ramuz Irons Labour
St Paul's and Swindon Adrian Becker Green Party
St Paul's and Swindon Christopher John Daniels Conservative
St Paul's and Swindon Bernard Fisher Liberal Democrat
St Paul's and Swindon Craig Francis Fraser Labour
Stonehouse Sylvia Jean Bridgland Liberal Democrat
Stonehouse Glenville Alexander Gogerly UKIP
Stonehouse Carol Jill Kambites Green Party
Stonehouse Ginny Anne Smart Conservative
Stonehouse Lesley Williams MBE Labour
Stow-on-the-Wold Rachel Coxcoon Liberal Democrat
Stow-on-the-Wold Edeltraud French UKIP
Stow-on-the-Wold Andrew Murray Maclean Green Party
Stow-on-the-Wold Nigel Moor Conservative
Stroud Central Steve Dechan Liberal Democrat
Stroud Central Debbie Hicks Labour
Stroud Central Eva Ward Green Party
Stroud Central Debbie Young Conservative
Tetbury Stephen Gartland Hirst Conservative
Tetbury Guy Spencer Mark Parfitt UKIP
Tetbury Sabrina Poole Green Party
Tewkesbury Stuart George Adair UKIP
Tewkesbury Kevin John Cromwell Conservative
Tewkesbury Guy Dennis St John Fancourt Liberal Democrat
Tewkesbury Edward Hudson Labour
Tewkesbury Gavin Preedy Independent
Tewkesbury Mike Sztymiak Independent
Tewkesbury East Simon James Carter Green Party
Tewkesbury East Fiona Cochrane Castle Labour
Tewkesbury East Cait Clucas Liberal Democrat
Tewkesbury East Vernon Dennis Smith Conservative
Tuffley Simon Paul Collins UKIP
Tuffley Tracy Sharon Millard Labour & Co-operative
Tuffley Andrew Gilbert Miller Conservative
Tuffley Abigail Ciara Wilson Liberal Democrat
Winchcombe and Woodmancote Tom Brinicombe Liberal Democrat
Winchcombe and Woodmancote Sophie Dominque Franklin Green Party
Winchcombe and Woodmancote Stanford Leigh Mitchell Labour
Winchcombe and Woodmancote Roger Edward Wilson Conservative
Wotton-under-Edge John Edward Cordwell Liberal Democrat
Wotton-under-Edge David Hinder UKIP
Wotton-under-Edge Mark Huband Labour
Wotton-under-Edge Graham Smith Conservative