CommunityR4C is a community-led project encouraging activities which steer us toward a circular economy in Gloucestershire.

The majority of our work is carried out by volunteers.

As well as building the R4C plant to treat unsorted waste, we support and share information on projects around the county that follow circular economy principles.

Starting at the top of the waste hierarchy, aspiring to reduce the amount of stuff that is discarded. This includes finding new homes for functional objects you have finished with, helping find suitable repair options for broken things, and encouraging local manufacturers to consider full product lifecycle by designing out waste.

Where something has no further use in its current form, we will share ideas how to upcycle, downcycle or re-manufacture it – or advise where it can be recycled if not included in standard council provision.

We will work with local communities to set up new projects and extend the reach or replicate existing success stories.

We will provide a ‘shopping list’ of great quality reused & refurbished products that you can already buy in the area.

While we work on updating the web site to facilitate this new phase, please email any information you have on any local initiatives to do with repair or re-use, as well as any local recycling businesses who may be interested in working with us, or using materials from the R4C plant.

If you have any queries about repairing or recycling something in this interim phase, send us an email, we aim to reply within a few days to give us time to ask around if we don’t have a ready answer.